Sharry (jitterbug81) wrote in penfriends,

Name: Sharon
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Gender you would prefer your penpal: doesn't matter
Age you would prefer your penpal: 20 - 30
Musical Prefence: Soft music
Litrical Prefrence: um thats not a word, but I'm assuming books. I like all kinds, except for fantasy, just can't get into it.
Things you prefer to recieve: art, poetry, stickers, postcards, samples of things only available in other countries, photos, cards, let your imagination run riot.
Things you like: Butterflies, art, reading about people and seeing how they write, I like handwritten letters, music, piano, vanilla, sushi, large cities
Things you don't like: rude un-polite people, things that smell like lavender.
A little ditty about you: I'm nice. I will write answers to any questions in letters.
Your Mailing Address: please comment and email me if you would like to be a penpal. sharonjfrentz
Anything Else you'd like to add: I like to stuff my envelopes with random small objects I find that may be interesting to someone else. I decorate my envelopes. I like my penpals to do the same. I don't really want typed letters, I don't mind I just love getting handwritten ones since I make they effort to write mine by hand.
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