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Name: Mariel

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Location: Southern California


Main interests: art (making and viewing, especially manipulated photographs, especially socially-concious powerful and beautiful art. also surrealism. also crude yet elaborate doodles), music (!), wandering near and far, saving money, daydreaming while scribbling notes, browsing bookstores, tv shows on dvd, finding the perfect place to live, the quest for happiness or mild content.

Described as: intimidating, strong, quiet, funny, confident, short

Who are your favorite bands/singers?: the Faint, Cibo Matto, the Cardigans, France Gall, Sondre Lerche, Magnetic Fields, the Sparks, Dinah Washington (all sorts of pop/rock leaning toward the indie variety, with an additional love for French 60s pop, bossa nova, and jazz singers with soul. Anything wonderful.)

Favorite movies: In the Mood for Love, musicals, Dirty Pretty Things, Heathers, the Thin Man series, My Man Godfrey

Books: forever favorite= Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle. Also: Moomintroll books, Lonesome Dove, Edith Wharton.

To be sent and received: cd mixes of good and unheard music, soft and fuzzy things, collected/cut-out art

** Email me if you are charmed, intrigued, instantly smitten. I'm looking for people with whom I can exchange personal, open, interesting letters. With some regularity. As opposed to short, superficial, and sporadic. Oh and also photos and art and music and sweet little gifts if it should come to that.
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