tear out the sutures, please (balconysection) wrote in penfriends,
tear out the sutures, please

Name: anna
Age: 16
Gender: female
Gender you would prefer your penpal: either
Age you would prefer your penpal: 16+
Musical Prefence: i don't think it would matter.
Litrical Prefrence: ...none?
Things you prefer to recieve: interesting magazine articles/pics, mix tapes/cd's, PHOTOS, stickers, band flyers from your area, other stuff.
Things you like: music, phone, cigs, meeting new people(i guess thats what myspace is for), writing to people! it's exciting, going to shows...
Things you don't like: annoying, bitchy people?
A little ditty about you: i'll include that in my letters if i get a penpal.
Your Mailing Address: email me.
Anything Else you'd like to add: annathegangsta@gmail.com
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