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Gender:femail...hehe get it??
Gender you would prefer your penpal:girly
Age you would prefer your penpal:age is nothing but a number....
Musical Prefence:techno,indie,punk
Litrical Prefrence:....?
Things you prefer to recieve: burned cds,mixed tapes,flyers,stickers,cool nifty stuff!
Things you like:music,movies,letters,art,stickers,shows,just chillin out
Things you don't like:mean people and the ford taurus...lol
A little ditty about you:I LOVE getting mail and i never reciever letters...its all about e-mail now-a-days :(....i want to be your penpal!
Your Mailing Address: SIDpiracy202@hotmail.com
Anything Else you'd like to add: AIM-SIDpiracy202 and my pic is on my info

much love
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