Melissa (allfallsdownxx) wrote in penfriends,

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hello . . . :-)

Name: Melissa
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Gender you would prefer your penpal: either. doesn't matter.
Age you would prefer your penpal: doesn't really matter to me.
Musical Prefence: r&b, rock, emo, rap, oldies(lol), other stuff..
Litrical Prefrence: ??
Things you prefer to recieve: anything i suppose.
Things you like: movies, stickers, stuffed animals, candy, chocolate, music, ducks, frogs, pony*s, other things..
Things you don't like: mean ppl, mean things.
A little ditty about you: ..hmm...
Your Mailing Address: email me at if you want my mailing address. :-)
Anything Else you'd like to add: hmm...i'd really enjoy some penpals, but i'd like if they write me first. so hmm, yeah.
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