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Name: Andrea (anne-dree-uh)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Gender you would prefer your penpal: Either
Age you would prefer your penpal: 16-20
Musical Prefence: Eclectic (minus hip hop, rap, R&B.. those sorts)
Litrical Prefrence: Non Fiction, (Auto)Biographies, Recipe books ^_^, Craft Books, And i have a soft spot for the Vampire Chronicles
Things you prefer to recieve: Letters 
Things you like: movies, art, photography, ferrets (i have one named Pedro), psychology, literate people  
Things you don't like: pplz hoo rite lik dis. Racism, Facism, anything-ism. Lies, egomaniacs, closed-minded people, shallow people
Your Mailing Address:
Ask and you shall recieve.

Anything Else you'd like to add: I'm from Australia. I ramble.. a  lot. I'd like to consider myself somewhat intelligent (in a warped sense).
I'm not big on politics. I hate talking about the weather, I enjoy the smaller things in life, I'm interested in other people's lives and upbringings, I sometimes go off topic, forget what i'm trying to say and end the letter abruptly. This annoys me.
Sometimes I send presents   ^_^
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